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Whitetail Sales & Service has been in the Whitetail Industry since 2000, and has run a very successful Deer Farm, Auction Company, and Farm Supply Store.  Along with those 3 divisions of our company, we also offer whitetail consultation for your farm; whether it is for your breeding program, deer facilities, or marketing program, we can help!  So give us a call and we can talk about your farm’s program, or stop by for a farm tour if you are in the area.




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Auction Service

If you’ve been in the Whitetail Deer Breeder Industry for very long, you no doubt have heard of Kevin Grace and Whitetail Sales & Auction Service. There is no argument within our Industry that will stand up against agreeing that the Top 30 Whitetail Extravaganza is and always has been the number 1 Cervid auction in the world. Established in 2000, this “sale of sales” has withstood the test of time. Kevin’s knowledge and hard work has maintained a sale standard that continually encourages Deer Ranchers nationwide to set the highest of standards, and has brought incredible stability and strength to this Industry that would not have been possible without the vision Kevin had so many years ago. The Top 30 has done more than give breeders something to strive for, it has raised the bar and set the benchmark by which the industry decides what to buy and sell and at what price. Quite simply, if the genetic line and pedigree of your consignment make the Top 30, it has been the Industry’s stamp of approval. If your consignment qualifies for the Top 30, you have met a set of criteria that proves production, consistency and marketability in your herd. If you think you have what it takes, give Kevin a call and pick his brain on how YOU might be able to qualify for the premier Whitetail Deer auction in the entire world!


In addition to the Top 30 in mid January, we hold 3 additional Deer auctions throughout the year. Beginning in late January of each year, we hold the Texas Top 30, a Texas breeders only sale that boasts the same high standards as the northern Top 30 auction. In March, we are blessed to be the exclusive auction service selected to market spring deer at the annual Nadefa conference, it is known as the Nadefa Spring Open. Make no mistake, this sale brings the finest animals in the North, but is limited to only one consignment per farmer, so the variety is extensive.


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